10 unexpected ways to use our Organic Muslin Wraps

Okay, so baby muslin wraps are like the ‘new black’. Everyone is talking about them. Use them as a shade cover. Feeding cover. Extra wipe if you need to. And… I whole heartedly agree. So because baby muslin wraps are the ‘new black’, here are 10 ways you can use them that you probably haven’t thought of. 

10 ways to use our Organic Muslin Wraps - Snuggle Hunny


Thank goodness for organic fabrics and dyes these days. Here is where our GOTS certified organic muslin comes into it’s own realm of ‘magic’. Freeze a small cube of breast milk (or boiled water if your baby is older), place it in the middle of muslin swaddle, twist to hold it in place (you might like to secure it with a new and clean hair tie, and let baby chew away.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a pre-frozen ice cube, wet a corner of the muslin and place it in a plastic bag in the freezer to freeze. When frozen give to baby to suck on. This method will melt a whole lot faster but it will also do the trick. Just make sure you only wet and freeze one corner. You don’t want your bub getting a chill a defrosting frozen blanket! In fact, the remainder of the muslin will act as a comforter while your child is sucking on the cold corner or frozen cube.


Change Table Cover

So you’re out and bub discover nappy explosion 101. Hmmm.

You head straight to the public parent’s room. When you finally find it, it’s been used by hundreds of others in the same situation… and it’s cold. Whip out your muslin! Lay your wrap over the change table and use it as a change mat. It will provide a mildly softer, warmer surface for bub and a barrier between them and every other nappy that’s been changed in the same place.

If there isn’t a parent’s room or change table. Never fear, use your muslin to improvise and lay bub somewhere safe - on the grass, a carpeted floor, the tailgate of your car – wherever you can. Keep bub and surfaces clean by using your muslin as a change mat. Don’t worry about your muslin swaddle, it will come up perfectly, just throw it in your next load of washing.


Picnic Blanket

Cabin fever. You have just got to get out of the house! So, you head to the park with some snack foods, a sandwich and bub. It’s a beautiful day and you can already feel it making a difference.


Picnic tables.

They are either non-existent in parks or are spotted with bubble gum and bird droppings.

Muslin wraps, take up such little space in your carry bag and add practically no extra weight but they do make a more-than-adequate impromptu table cloth or picnic blanket just when you need it. You can also use it to shade bub in the pram on the way home!


It’s a wrap!

Who doesn’t love easy clean up after dinner? Spread out a muslin wrap on the floor underneath your child’s high-chair. It will catch a lot of the crumbs and drips that happen during mealtime. When it comes time to take it up for a clean, be sure to wipe down the highchair first which is sure to be hiding it’s own stash of stale bread and dehydrated goop that you’ll want to catch in the wrap.

When the high chair is clean, move it to another spot on the floor and gather up the muslin by brining all for corners into the middle and creating a bag like effect with all the crumbs rolling into the centre. Take it outside and shake it off. Then simple throw it in the wash. Floor is clean, chair is sparking. The muslin dries super quick too.


Car saver

Drape muslin wraps over car seats to collect crumbs and provide a simple barrier from light spills. They are light and have enough texture to loosely adhere to the seat without slipping. Unless of coarse the seat is leather. Just tuck the edges into the back of the seat.

This method is especially good under car seats, since young children are known for leaving a snack trail…


Emergency towel

(Can we please swim?!) Or play in the water fountain

How often have you found yourself with a water opportunity and this well-known war cry ‘Can we mum? Can we?’ Think water fountain at a shopping centre, dropping in to a friend with a pool, or passing by the sprinkler down at the local park.

Muslin wraps make an easy ‘yes’ in those moments, knowing that you can dry your child and wrap them in it after they have a tonne of fun.

You can even use it in those not-so-fun moments, like when your child accidentally spills their lemonade all over themselves… or someone else. Muslin washes out super easily and is highly absorbent.


Door Jam

Okay, so you might read that think to yourself ‘huh?’. I’d be right there with you, unless I knew that it worked, and it does. There are two ways of doing this. You can gather the muslin into the shape of a long scarf and place it in the join where the door meets the wall. It will be virtually impossible for anyone to close the door, let alone slam it. It will keep the door mostly open. One downside is that if it can be reached, it can be removed easily with a tug.

Another way of achieving the same effect, that’s not so easily removed is to gather the muslin into the shape of a scarf again and loop it around one door handle, then the other and tie it like a scarf or tie across the latch. (see photos). This will not keep the door mostly open, but it will keep it ajar. It should provide a minimum gap of 2cm when pushed closed. Little fingers will not get crushed or.. accidentally locked inside.


An easy bib

Does bub dribble when being fed? Or perhaps they’re now on solids and things a getting a little bit messy. Are you out and forgot your precious bib? Never fear! Grab one of your handy muslin wraps and tuck one corner into the top of bub’s outfit like a good old-fashioned serviette. Yes, it will be HUGE but it’s light… and the advantage is you can cover all of bub! Then when you’re done, use it for a quick clean up and throw it in the wash when you get home.



Ok. So these last two ideas are for Mama. Love our print, love the beach? How about combining the two! Fold the muslin in half to form a large triangle and tie as normal. Voila.. Impromptu (or not) Mama sarong when you’re out enjoy the waves…


Hair towel

Using a regular bathroom towel to dry or wrap your hair is absorbent, but did you also know it can be one of the reasons you get frustrated with your hair? The little ‘teeth’ in the texture of the terry can cause friction with your hair follicles and ‘rough them up’, causing unwanted frizz.

Try using a muslin cloth instead. The smooth surface of the towel doesn’t cause as much fiction on your hair. It’s also super light, so easier on your neck and still very absorbent. So, all round it’s well worth trying.


Muslin baby wraps are a non-negotiable newborn and toddler essential but their versatility stretches far beyond the humble swaddle, extending into countless uses that even have little to do with swaddling bub. You never know, it could be your idea that we tell the world about next, all because you used a muslin wrap in the most unexpected, yet beautiful and practical way!